Sent: Monday, 24 August, 2009 5:49:32 PM
Subject: Joining and Stuff!

How are you? More importantly, how are you and your marvellous organisation?
Though that’s not to underestimate how important you are.
Anyway, I was looking through your website, (you really need more stuff on there, you know) and I couldn’t see much there for the UK. Which is a shame, because I’m really really keen, and I bet loads of other UK Ventriloquists are just as keen, (though probably not as good).
No, really. I’ve made my own puppet and everything. He’s called Sockie, (I made him out of a sock). I’m still struggling with the whole, ‘speaking without seeing my lips move’ bit, but – when practising in front of a mirror – have got round this by shutting my eyes.
Do lots of other ventriloquists use this technique? I can heartily recommend it. It is both simple, yet highly effective. If you like, you can put it in the latest edition of ‘Distant Voices’, so that other practitioners of the art can benefit. I bet blind people will be really good at it.
We could call it the ‘Cordall Technique’.
Anyway, if you can let me know what your UK operation bit is about, that would be a whopper. Supposing you haven’t really got much going on over here, well, maybe that’s something I could help out with. We could all have meetings at my flat! It would be fantastic! Everyone could bring their puppets, which would actually double the number of people present! Yahoo! … No. Hang on. That would also double the number of biscuits I’d need. No. Don’t worry. If it’s going to make this happen, I’ll bear the cost of the extra biscuits. Somethings must take precedence.
Anyway, there you go.
Simon – and Sockie!